Request a Transfer

Use this form if you are an existing USSF Soccer referee that wants to transfer from another State or State Association to South Texas. You may also complete this form if you were a South Texas referee and need to reactivate your account. Please note the following items:
1. An approved background screening from NCSI through the U.S. Soccer Learning Center is required
2. A satisfactory completed and current SafeSport Training module through the U.S. Soccer Learning Center is required
*** These are required if you are at least 18 years of age. To register for these items, click here - when new page opens, click on "Supplemental Courses" to see required modules ***
3. In your profile within the U.S. Soccer Learning Center,  you will need to add "South Texas State Referee Committee" to MY RELATIONSHIPS and edit your address to reflect a Texas location
Need Help? Contact the STSR State Administrator:
Email: | Voice: 210-948-0289