Assignor Services information

For New and Recertifying Assignors

Assignor Services Overview

As an assignor, you can access assignor services by signing into your personal STSR account.  In your Personal Information box on the Home Page, you will see Extended Services. Click in that checkbox to access the Assignor Extended Services screen.  

You will then see a screen with the Interactive Officials Registration Search function. Here you can look up the registration of an official by last name, get a list of all registered officials and their contact information. You can also download the list, and sort in many different ways in an Excel spreadsheet. At the top of the page you will see three underlined items:

  • Interactive Registration Checking (which allows you to enter a name or get a full list)
  • Batch Registration Checking (which allows you to upload a list of Referees by First Mame,
    Last Name or USSF ID and the system will check their registration status for you and provide
    you a report. – A nice function to check all the referees in your “call” pool. )
  • Add Assignor Directory Entry

The add assignor directory entry function is a MUST HAVE for STSR and assignors.  It allows you to enter the associations that you assign for into the system, along with Age level of Games, location of fields, City and Zip.  If you assign for multiple associations or they have venues in several different cities, you can add multiple of these records.

You can then view/ edit or delete these records by clicking on “Click Here to view your History” at the top of the Member Home Page and then look under the “Assignors Section” of your history.

These directory entries are being listed dynamically in a list of STSR Assignors and Associations available to members when they sign into their accounts (Member Services: Assignor Directory)    We have about 2000 new officials each year either move into the STSR area or become new officials, and we get many calls on how to contact local assignors for games.  This will provide a valuable resource for them to find you, and you  get MORE OFFICIALS available to assign.  They can find you by association name, city, Zip code, or game level, or your name.  

This global directory of assignors will NOT work without you putting in your information. Please sign into your account and create these directory entries as soon as possible.  When you register as an assignor each year, if you have no directory entry at all, the system will create one for you, but will list your association as "Unknown".

First-Time Assignor Clinic

The Grassroots First-Time Assignors clinic is now available with online assignments and attendance to an in-person/virtual session. To become an assignor you must currently be or have been a USSF certified referee at any level. To obtain access to the Grassroots First-Time Assignor licensing course, contact the State Director Of Assignment to receive information for qualifications to register for the licensing course and all requirements necessary to obtain certification as a USSF grassroots assignor.

Assignor Re-Certification Clinic

.Assignors must re-certify each calendar year and the Grassroots Assignor Re-certification clinic is now available with online assignments and attendance to an in-person/virtual session.  Contact the State Director Of Assignment to receive information for qualifications to register for the Grassroots Assignor Re-Certification licensing course and all requirements necessary to obtain re-certification as a USSF grassroots assignor


The goal of the SRC is to develop a consistent, educated and coordinated assigning program throughout South Texas.Assigning matches with associated Referee Assessments:
Tournament Directors / Assignors:
  • Should use only referees that are currently registered with USSF. ALWAYS check our website for their registration.
  • Allow ample time for “de-briefing” after the game, if a referee and/or an AR is being assessed, the rest of the crew may be excused if necessary.
  • Schedule referees with a break, by avoiding back to back games prior to , and after an Assessment.
  • If timing is a problem, discuss this with the assessor prior to the match

Assigning Programs

There are several web based assigning programs used by South Texas Referee assignors.
  • Arbiter Sports
  • Game Officials
  • Got Soccer
Some assignors however still use the old Pencil and Paper, contacting officials by Email or phone. It is really your preference, and the preference of the league you assign for. Most assignors keep a "pool" of referees they call on and schedule for games. We urge assignors to "share" their referee pools to allow officials to get game experience in different leagues and at different levels.  All assignors MUST confirm current registration of ANY referee they use for the first time in a calendar year.  Do not rely on them having a current badge to indicate registration, badges are readily available on ebay. CHECK REGISTRATIONS !